Blue Margarita

The Blue Margarita recipe is a personal favorite. It’s a straightforward, simple, and most enjoyable tequila cocktail that uses few ingredients.

The most important ingredient of this tequila cocktail will be the blue curacao: a sweet, low-alcohol liqueur made out of orange peels in a Caribbean island called... you guessed it, Curacao. It’s usually mixed with lime for a sweet and sour taste.

The drink also has a distinctive and vivid blue hue. This makes it an excellent choice for tequila parties, reunions, and for impressing that special someone with a visually lovely drink. That blue color is alluring, almost hypnotizing… too hypnotizing… too…

Um, where was I…? Oh yeah, the margarita.

I’ll be recommending Leroux Blue Curacao this time around. It’s the brand I always share to people who use blue curacao for the first time (no one’s complained about it either). Great value and good price.

If you find it in your local liquor store, excellent! If not, any other blue curacao should do the trick.

Ready? On we go then.

Blue Margarita

Cook time: 5 minutes.

Makes: 1 serving.


- 1 ½ part blanco tequila

- 1 part blue curacao

- 1 part lime juice

- salt

- ice

- tools: shaker and a margarita glass.


Rim the margarita glass using the lime juice. Pour and shake the tequila, blue curacao, and lime in a shaker. Add some ice to it, make sure to crush it well.

Strain the mix into a margarita glass.

Summing things up...

This recipe's flavor and look make it a unique drink. Try making entire pitchers and serving them to your guests. I'm sure they will run out in record time.

In fact, it'll be the first tequila cocktail to run out (assuming you made a few other). It’s the blue, I tell ya… that damn blue's irresistible!

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