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Tequila Knight's goal is to provide you with the best and most up-to date tequila information available. Other online resources, however, provide top-notch guidance beyond the scope of this site. If I come across such a site, expect to see it listed here.

I know about tequila, margaritas, Mexico... but what about proper table etiquette? Beer brewing? Proper glassware for your bar? Coffee perhaps?

This list of recommended online resources do not deal with tequila, but complement it.

Better Dining

Get yourself some manners! Dining etiquette and food knowledge has never been clearer or more necessary than today. You'll be sipping wine, getting the correct glassware, learning to tip, and becoming a better host in no time!

Click here to visit Better Dining

Cure Hangovers

Too much partying last night? We've all been there. Responsible drinking's the name of the game. Unfortunately, we often forget we're even playing (and pay dearly for it). What's a party guy to do?!

Enter Cure Hangovers, the all-in-one site about, well, curing hangovers. Learn about the causes, symptoms, prevention tricks, home remedies, and general tips on hangovers. And while you're at it make sure to visit their "Drunk Pics" section. Gotta love drunk pictures!

Click here to visit Cure Hangovers.

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