Types Of Tequila... And Women

There's as many types of tequila as there as women. (Bet you weren’t expecting to read that under types of tequila, were you?)

But before we continue...

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While you read, don't forget I write this as an innocent and amusing way of explaining tequila. To be honest, drinking tequila would not be the same without great women to share it with! And we all love tequila, so it’s really a compliment.

Right...?! (Gulp…)

Fair enough, let’s give this a shot.

Knowing your date

Drinking tequila is like planning a first date. Chances are you know little of this woman, but you have a sense of her personality.

She’s probably one of two types of people (and tequilas):

100% Blue Agave: the outgoing spirit

Vlan! du Berni

Is she a straight-forward person, someone confident enough to be themselves under any circumstance? Then she’s the equivalent of 100% agave tequila.

100% agave tequila has a strong agave flavor and a distinct aroma. While it can blend excellently with other quality tequila ingredients (lime, triple sec, salt and ice all come to mind!), it can just as easily triumph on its own.

Expect the clear, no no-nonsense experience from this spirit… She´s all agave and proud of it!

Mixto tequila: always blending in

What if she’s a reserved individual, someone who prefers to “blend in” rather than show off? In that case, you’d be dealing with the equivalent of mixto tequila.

Unlike its all-agave, feisty counterpart, up to 49% of mixto tequila can include non-agave sugars (normally glucose or fructose). There’s some agave in there, just don’t expect the same “punch” as with 100% agave tequila.

Most mixtos are not good sipping material, but they make some mean margaritas. To a mixto, all that matters is how well it gets along with others. Plan accordingly.

All tequilas are either 100% agave tequila or mixtos. But both can be subdivided into other types of tequila depeding on how long they are aged: blanco, reposado, anejo, extra anejo, and oro. Think of these secondary categories as the way your potential first date has been raised.

Blanco tequila: the full agave experience

Blancos are un-aged and can only be stored in oak barrels for less than 2 months.

Gun CrazyIf 100% agave tequila was direct, 100% agave blanco tequila is in-your-face-and-don’t-you-dare cry-at-me direct! There’s no better way to fully experience the essence of pure blue agave… just don’t expect any subtleties from it.

This tequila can be the harshest in taste (blancos can be subtle though), but can also be irresistibly powerful for all those who dare to try it. It can mix well, but hardcore tequila aficionados will always drink it straight up.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be hooked to blancos!

And remember: blanco tequilas are known as white and silver (plata) tequila.

Reposado tequila: the "r" in "refined"


With a reposado, you’re dealing with a versatile yet subtle combination. A good reposado maintains enough of the agave “punch” to remind you of a blanco, but the 2 to 12 month aging in oak barrels grants it a richer, sophisticated woody flavor.

Translated to a first date scenario, expect to act a little classier and fancier when around reposado tequila (or woman).

You’d better plan something balanced, maybe a nice dinner and some karaoke to wrap the night up.

By the way, reposados are the most popular type of tequila, since it’s both a sipper and a mixer. You can never go wrong with a good reposado!

Anejo tequila: experience matters

Evening Lounge

Anejo tequila (and women) knows it’s sought after. Not everyone can handle (or afford) a premium anejo. Think of anejo tequila as a high-class aged spirit. It must remain in oak barrels for 1 to 3 years, granting it a more complex flavor than the reposado. However, this also mellows the strength of the agave.

An “anejo” woman (not calling any woman old here, mind you!) is top-class material. She distills elegance, and you’ll feel more elegant yourself by being next to her.

Anejo tequila should not be mixed with any other ingredients. If, however, you cannot resist the urge to prepare a premium margarita, make sure the tequila ingredients you DO use are top-notch as well.

The damn thing’s been aged for years! Don’t go using a cheap mix…

Extra anejo: as classy as they come

Same as anejo tequila only ultra aged for more than 3 years. Again, just don’t go mixing it! Sip it as it's meant to be!

Oro tequila: reposado gone wrong?

Chinese woman in theatrical makeup and costume

Oro (gold) tequila is nothing more than a colored tequila (usually with caramel). The idea is to give the spirit an aged look while reducing the liquor’s harshness.

Think of gold tequila as a woman trying to be a reposado... but getting the make-up all wrong. Try getting that image out of your head!

It’s also known as tequila joven (young) and abocado.

Summing things up…

All types of tequilas are classified based on agave content and aging. Tequila can either be 100% agave tequila or mixto tequila. From there, aging produces various types of tequila: blanco, reposado, anejo, extra anejo, and oro.

Just like you wouldn’t take an outgoing woman to the opera or a very conservative woman to a frat party, different types of tequila have to be treated differently.

Only you can decide what good tequila is, and how you will drink it. Use this “first-date” analogy next time you enter your liquor store and buy this Mexican spirit. You’ll hardly go wrong!

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