Drinks With Tequila: Hard On!

Drinks with tequila and Hard Ons? It’s not what you’re thinking...

A Hard On is a layered shot that combines tequila with Southern Comfort and coffee liqueur. See? Not that bad right?

Southern Comfort is a Brown Forman Corporation whiskey (remember them? They also bought Tequila Herradura in 2007). It’s a fruit, spice, and whisky blend meant to enhance the drinker’s experience with whiskey. Presentations include 35% and 50% alcohol content bottles. Its price varies depending on where you buy it, but expect to $20 to $40 for a 700 ml, 50% alcohol bottle.

Then there’s the coffee liqueur. Recommended brands? Kahlua and Bailey’s are the most commonly used. However, you may want to try something a bit more special. How about a Tia Maria (a Jamaican liqueur), Patron’s XO Cafe (top-notch stuff) or Starbuck’s coffee liqueur (available in regular and cream versions). Prices for all these do vary.

Got all that down? Excellent, ‘cause on we go to the recipe. You’ll need…

Hard On

Cook time: 5 minute.

Makes: 1 shot.


- 1 part blanco tequila

- 1 part Southern Comfort

- 1 part coffee liqueur

- shot glass

- spoon


Fill up one third of the shot glass with coffee liqueur. Then, using a spoon to “soften” the landing, serve one third of a shot glass of Southern Comfort. Rinse and repeat with blanco tequila. All liquors should be clearly layered and separated from each other.

Summing things up...

There you have it, a tequila, whiskey, and coffee shooter. It’s sophisticated, simple to make, and awesome to enjoy. Cheers!

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