Jose Cuervo Tequila (continued)

NOM: 1122

Distillery: Casa Cuervo, S.A. de C.V.

Region: Los Altos (Highlands)

Jose Cuervo tequila, despite its get-drunk-fast-and-good-luck-with-the-morning-hangover reputation, also sells these higher-end brands for sophisticated consumers.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver

Type: 100% blue agave.

Aging: no aging.

Price range: $ 30-40 (750 ml)

Tradicional Silver is the newest addition to Jose Cuervo’s extensive brand list. It’s smoother than previous blancos, with a clear, almost sweet agave flavor.

I prefer other blanco brands before Tradicional Silver, but Tradicional (sort of) holds its own against other tequilas.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado

Type: 100% blue agave.

Aging: 2+ months in oak barrels.

Price range: $ 30-40 (750 ml)

Oh, have I tried Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado… every bar and night club in Mexico runs promotions with it. Tradicional is aimed at upscale buyers, those willing to go beyond the $20 to 30 price range.

It’s too bitter for my taste, although this makes it ideal for mixing with other sweet ingredients. The aroma and burn are harsher than I’d expect for this price range. Try it cold, it tastes much better than at room temperature. Still, one of the better Jose Cuervo tequilas.

Jose Cuervo Black Medallion (Anejo)

Type: 100% blue agave.

Aging: 1 year in oak barrels.

Price range: $ 20-30 (750 ml)

I like what Cuervo did with Black Medallion. It’s more sophisticated than any other brand up to now. It allows Cuervo aficionados to “move up” in quality and taste while remaining loyal to the brand.

Not the best tequila you’ll ever have, but I nice one to keep in mind when looking for a good and cheap spirit to sip. You can feel the oaky flavor on this one.

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Platino

Type: 100% blue agave.

Aging: no aging.

Price range: $50-60 (750 ml)

Reserva de la Familia: the ultímate Jose Cuervo experience. This blanco used to be served only to Cuervo family members but has recently entered the marketplace.

This ultra-premium tequila has a great herbaceous aroma, a smooth agave flavor, and a mellow, little burn finish. Do try it if it’s within budget.

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia (Extra Anejo)

Type: 100% blue agave.

Aging: 1 year in oak barrels.

Price range: $ 70-80 (750 ml)

The extra anejo version of Reserva de la Familia is aged for 3 years in French and American oak barrels. Then ingredients aged for over 30 years are added (these ingredients are not disclosed).

Reserva de la Familia was first sold in 1995 to commemorate Cuervo’s 200-year anniversary. Every year a different Mexican artist decorates the outside box. Handmade bottles, limited production, and a great flavor make this a collector’s item.

This extra anejo reminds me of Scotch: it’s a complex, sweet, earthy drink with a strong body. All in all a good tequila... I’m just not convinced by its price.

Summing things up...

Most Jose Cuervo tequila brands are not “artesanales” (handcrafted). Cuervo is a mass production, mass-marketing product aimed at new consumers.

Try Cuervo, but make sure your tequila experience goes beyond this brand.

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