Montezuma Tequila

Tequila Knight loves to find and recommend value purchases. Getting the most bang for your buck. Being a smart consumer and experiencing the world of tequila the way it is meant to be.

But every once in a while comes a cheap brand claiming to be “high value” for its price. Enter Montezuma tequila.

Ever heard of Moctezuma’s revenge? This is what they meant by it. The lousy bottle and label should warn you of the looming threat. Little thought is put to both… imagine how much care they put into the liquor itself!

The only reason you’d think of buying Montezuma is its price. At less than $15 a bottle many uninformed consumers (read “college frat boys”) will purchase it thinking “tequila is tequila”.

WRONG! Not all tequila is made equal. Case and point: Montezuma Blanco and Montezuma Gold.

Montezuma Blanco

Type: mixto.

Aging: no aging.

Price range: $ 10-15 (750 ml)

Poisonous. Burns. Smells foul. 40 proof and sheer pain. All that sound too harsh?

Just wait ‘till you try this “tequila”… or as some like to call it, “tokillya”.

If you’re out of choices, if you MUST buy tequila and Montezuma Blanco’s the only one you can find or afford... two choices:

1. Get it and hide its flavor with any mix (and when I say any I mean ANY).

2. Ignore your suicidal impulses and move on.

Montezuma Gold

Type: mixto.

Aging: no more than 2 months in oak barrels.

Price range: $ 10-15 (750 ml)

Gold tequilas cannot remain in barrels for longer than 2 months. Where then does Montezuma Gold get its dark brown hue? Caramel additives, the first tell-tale sign of bad tequila.

This “tequila” should only be mixed, but it doesn’t even mix well. It’s harsh, exudes a gag-worthy smell, and will guarantee a terrible hangover the next day. Goes on to show cheap can be expensive…

Montezuma Blue

Type: mixto.

Aging: no aging.

Price range: $ 5-10 (750 ml)

I’ve seen Montezuma Blue go cheaper than the blanco and gold versions… Diluted beyond recognition, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any agave presence in Montezuma Blue.

What you will find is a bad flavor and a much-deserved hangover.

Summing things up...

I’ve no love for Montezuma, NONE. It’s an insult to the tequila industry that products this bad can be labeled as “tequila”. The only reason I write about it is because you've the right to know what you’re getting before spending a single cent on it.

If you’re trying to kill someone, get it. If you’re having a college party and people won’t care about what they’re drinking, get it. If you have an extra $5 to spend on your tequila budget, avoid it like the plague.

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