Tequila and Salt: Shooters

"When life gives you lemons, ask for tequila and salt". That's the tequila aficionado's Hakuna Matata lifestyle. Much fun would be robbed from tequila if shooters didn't exist. That's why, despite my preference for sipping tequila, I dedicate an article to shooting.

Tequila shooters

At first I was hesitant to add "tequila and salt" into the “Tequila Drinks” section. It's not exactly a cocktail but still combines different elements with the tequila.

My conclusion? Since you’re mixing things up, treat it like a mix (this is my nice way of saying “it’s a cocktail ‘cause I say it is!”).

Tequila and salt usually mean shooters. You know the drill: drown that tequila and cover the taste with lime and salt. Believe it or not though, there’s a right and a wrong way to do shooters. For instance, here’s the wrong way of shooting tequila…


Just about everything done in this video is wrong. You don’t snort salt: it hurts. You don’t put lemons in your eyes: it hurts. You don’t bang your head against the table: it hurts. And you sure as hell don’t upload it to Youtube for 2 million viewers to laugh at you: it sucks.

Having said that… wasn’t the scream at 0:25 awesome?! Cool guy, would be great to shoot some tequila with him.

Cool video, bad technique. Here's the right way of shooting tequila...


Take the shooter glass nearest to you and fill it up. Place salt in your wrist, lick it, and quickly drown that poor liquor in one blow. No mercy!

You’ll soon start making faces and coughing. It's part of growing up, deal with it. Now bite your lime and smile: you've become a real man (or a real woman).

Tequila and salt

Summing things up...

Unless you’re trying to commit suicide stick to the Lick Sip Suck technique. Make sure to use a cheap tequila, possibly a mixto. Top shelf tequila is meant to be sipped, not shot.

It’s not the smoothest or my favorite way to drink tequila but it can be fun (and a silly way of winning bets… if you can stay conscious to collect the bet).

Having said that, happy shooting!

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