Tequila Drink Recipes: Death Shot

Tequila drink recipes come in all shapes and forms. Most recipes have a certain degree of difficulty, especially if you’ve just been introduced to the world of mixing. Do you have “game” when mixing time comes around?

Here’s the scenario: you’re at a party, the liquor’s flowing, and you suddenly find yourself next to the bar with 3 friends. You see all the liquors/liqueurs lying around. It's then you decide to:

A. Ignore the bottles.

B. Improvise a mix and hope it works out.

C. Go prepared for such circumstances.

The safe call is A. Choosing B will likely result in nasty looks and gagging friends (not cool). But C… here’s the recipe if you’re interested in option C.

It’s called DEATH. And when a tequila drink is called Death… watch out!

Death Shot

Cook time: 1 minute.

Makes: 1 shot.


- 1 part Opal Nera black sambuca

- 1 part blanco tequila

- 1 shot glass

- 1 spoon


Fill up half of the shot glass with Opal Nera. Then, using a spoon to “soften” the landing, serve the tequila on top. Both liquors should be clearly separate from each other.

Summing things up...

Tequila drink do come in all shapes and forms. You’ll probably learn fancier and harder recipes later on, but the Death shot is a great recipe to begin your amateur mixing career.

As a sidenote, I personally believe this cocktail beats straight tequila shooters any day.

So there you have it: the only Death that'll be welcome at any party!

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