Tequila Mixes: The Mind Bender Experience

Mind Bender… Mind Bender… Mind Bender… I knew this had to be more than tequila mixes, a villain perhaps. Curiosity got the best of me and I googled "Mind Bender Villain"... Wow. Turns out there's actually TWO villains named Mind Bender:

1. Neru the Mind Bender: a freaky demon character who fights Thor and Spiderman (good luck with that Neru).

2. Dr. Mindbender: a shirtless guy who uses purple pants, a blue cap, a silly monocle, and a gun (Perfect case for "Extreme Makeover"...)

Luckily for us this cocktail has nothing to do with either one.

Expect a bottom blue layer, light yellow layer, some slight green, and a final white layer in this Mind Bender recipe.

"What alcohols give those colors?" I'm glad you asked. We’ll be using blue curacao, banana liqueur, and blanco tequila.

Note: this recipe is unlike other Mind Bender recipes on the internet. Those stir vodka, amaretto, and Sprite in a 2:1:8 ratio. Tequila Knight's recipe is completely different.

Thought I’d clear that up before getting any complaints!

So, ready for the Mind Bender? Here’s what you’ll need.

Mind Bender

Cook time: 5 minutes.

Makes: 1 serving.


- 1 part blanco tequila

- 1 part banana liqueur

- 1 part blue curacao

- cordial glass (also known as pony glass)

- spoon


Get ready to practice and improve your layering skills. Start by serving the densest liqueur first: the blue curacao.

Now comes the tricky part: using a upside-down spoon against the inside of the glass, slowly pour the banana liqueur. Slow and steady wins the race.

Rinse and repeat for the blanco tequila. The end result should have a blue, yellow, slight green, and white layer. If so, congrats!

Summing things up...

The Mind Bender is one of those tequila mixes that take some practice. The cordial glass is added to give this cocktail an elegant effect. Do make sure to carry your drink carefully; otherwise all that layering will soon be gone.

By the way, any alcohol or mix served in a cordial glass is meant to be sipped. The Mind Bender is no exception.

Now go bend some minds!

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